About YKB


YKB Education was formed by a group of experienced educators; a mix of Teachers, Managers and Principals/Heads of Schools.  Frustrated and often restrained by the cost of educational recruitment, we decided to search for a solution.  

YKB allows schools the opportunity to post their job openings for free.  We like to think of ourselves as an ethical educational website with a true moral purpose.  We hope that ultimately students will benefit from reduced recruitment costs.  

YKB Education is thankful to all of our Supporters for the help they have provided in creating and establishing this service.  A list of our Supporters can be found here.

Our Promise

YKB will always offer schools the option to post job vacancies for FREE.  

Our Vision

YKB aims to be the number one source for educational recruitment.

Future services

We hope to introduce various different features in the future such as:

  1. Sharing the latest best recruitment and educational practice
  2. Reviewing CVs/resumes
  3. Reviewing Letters of Application
  4. Helping with teacher reference/recommendation checks
  5. Aiding the search for management and leadership positions
  6. Interview practice for both schools and teachers
  7. Virtual recruitment fairs
  8. Smartphone app
  9. YKB Education in various different languages
  10. Recommendations?  Contact us or email us (info@ykbeducation.com)

Help us put our students first – YOU KNOW BEST!